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Let's go out and about

A daily walk is not simply a pleasant pastime - it also represents a source of stimulation and provides a host of valuable experiences for baby. Here are some tips on how best to organise it.


For little ones, getting out in the open air and enjoying the healthy rays of the sun is a fun new experience, an antidote to the boredom and even irritation triggered by days spent inside the house.

Colourful cars, big loud buses, people on walks, doggies on the lead - all of these images serve to nourish baby's curiosity and imagination. As such, going for a walk represents an important moment for every child. Here are some tips on how best to organise it.


The right clothes

In view of variations in temperature, it is important to ensure that your little one is wearing versatile clothing. Dressing your baby in plenty of layers enables you to add or remove clothes, depending on the temperature.


The changing bag

Even if long walks aren't yet on the cards, it is nonetheless important to always prepare a bag containing spare clothes for baby, who, within a matter of minutes, can get dirty or wet! Accordingly, it is always advisable to go out with a full set of clothes in your bag, so you can change your little one when necessary.


Snacks and the feeding bottle

When getting ready to go out on a walk with your baby, a snack is essential. Whether it's fruit, yoghurt or biscuits, it's important to have a snack to give to little ones, in case they get hungry. In addition, as we know, lots of stimuli can give children an appetite.


A lightweight stroller

A lightweight, easily manoeuvrable stroller that can be easily folded and placed in the car is crucial when preparing to go for a walk with baby.

However, at the same time, any stroller you take out on a walk must be equipped with all the necessary accessories: a rain cover for bad weather, as well as something to protect baby from the sun's rays. 

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