Sun and children, choose the right protection

Why and How to Protect your Child From the Sun?

Sun Protection

Well protected under the sun - Your child's skin and eyes are very vulnerable to sunlight and must be adequately protected with creams, caps and glasses.

Sun and children, attentive to direct rays and reflections

In the first years of life, your child is very sensitive to sunlight, especially ultraviolet light. In babies and children, the skin, lens and retina are developing and therefore more sensitive, not only to direct light but also to reflected light; in fact, they allow the sun's rays to penetrate deeper and they are less able to filter light than adults. In the mountains or at sea, snow, sand and water reverberate up to 30% of the sun's rays.

Creams, hats, sunglasses for babies: the most important thing is protection

n the neonatal period, eyesight is still developing. At this stage, a baby must see the real world with its nuances of light and colours, without any distortion. A cap is the best protection. As soon as he is one year old, he can wear sunglasses, which, in case of allergy, protect the eyes from pollen or dust as well as from light.

For sunscreen and sunglasses, quality first and foremost

Whether spray, lotion or milk, choose a sunscreen that best suits your need. What is most important is that they are of high quality and high protection. Quality is also fundamental in the choice of sunglasses for children. The frame and lens must be both trauma and shock resistant and at the same time have soft and flexible materials to adapt to the delicate face of young users. In particular, the lens must ensure total protection from both UVA and UVB rays, without deforming images. For children, a category 3 lens is recommended.

Help your child get used to protection: some tips

How do you convince your child to put on sunscreen and wear sunglasses? Adopt these habits too and your child will be happy and will want to imitate you. How to choose the most suitable glasses? Involving your child is important, but it is up to mum and dad to decide the model, which should be wraparound for greater protection and especially soft, flexible and scratch-resistant.

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