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Two is better

Travel with all you need for your babies is very tiring. When possible, duplicate products is better!


If your little one usually spends a lot of time at the houses of other people in charge of babysitting - grandparents, for example - it is advisable to buy a second version of everything your baby needs throughout the day: a highchair, a car seat, a basic wardrobe, a second stroller, toys, spare nappies...

Leaving one of everything at the grandparents' will prevent you from having to haul piles of stuff with you every time you visit.

For the second house, we can choose less expensive, more basic products that are easy to manoeuvre - without forgetting the importance of safety and quality, of course.

The second stroller - the lighter the better!

Similarly, when travelling or taking a trip out of town, it is best to opt for a second stroller that is lighter and more manoeuvrable than the one you usually use.

Strollers are among the bulkiest objects for baby, and can occupy much of the boot space alone, creating a number of difficulties.

As such, as an alternative to a classic stroller, it is better to select a lightweight, less cumbersome version that takes up little space in your car or holiday home.

The second highchair - a folding version is better

With regard to the second highchair, too, it is best to choose a model that is easy to fold and convenient to carry, so you can leave it in a corner when not in use - it needs to be lightweight and safe for your little one.

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