The Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 – The Space Saver, Making Parents Life Easy!


With so many baby products available, all claiming to be absolute must have new-born essentials it is understandable that some expectant parents are overwhelmed by the choice. It can also be extremely expensive when faced with a seemingly never-ending list of products that you simply must have from moses baskets and cribs to bouncers, highchairs and more.

And what if you do buy them all? Where are you going to put it all and how are you going to store everything as your home increasingly gets filled with more and more baby equipment?

Well, let us introduce you to our innovative and unique Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 indoor solution that is guaranteed to become every parents’ new best friend!

Easily transforming from a crib to raised recliner to highchair and first chair at the table in one compact unit, our Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 is a unique smart solution to manage every moment in the home, taking up the same footprint of a single highchair.

In Crib Mode, our Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air is a cocooning space, ideal for sleep time during the day and night. It has mesh panelling on all four sides, promoting airflow to ensure little ones are kept cool and comfortable, as well as providing improved visibility for you. With four swivelling wheels, it can be easily manoeuvred around the house, allowing you to keep your little one close by.

It can then be transformed into a recliner seat for when they are ready to sit up and see the world, with a detachable electronic toy bar to ensure they are kept entertained. 

For mealtimes, our Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 can be transformed into a highchair, allowing little ones to join the family at the table. The Baby Hug Mealtime Kit can be purchased as an additional accessory, providing little ones with a spacious tray to enjoy their meals and a terry cloth cover to protect the fabric.

Finally, the Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air can also be transformed into a first chair seat, meaning little ones can sit and play safely and comfortably.


Why would you choose a Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1?

·       For the Mum who has had a C-Section - the Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 is ideal as it can be easily adjusted to various height levels using the foot pedal meaning you don’t have to bend over or stretch unnecessarily. Its 4 swivelling wheels mean you can move it around the home with you easily, keeping little one close by at all times with no heavy lifting involved.

·       For the family with pets or older siblings at home – the adjustable height settings means you can keep baby protected from curious siblings or inquisitive pets when they are napping. You can also move baby around the home with you as you get on with jobs, making sure pets and siblings are kept at a safe distance whilst your baby naps or plays.

·       For the practical parent concerned with storage space within the home – offering four configurations in one compact unit that has the same footprint as a single highchair, the Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 is the practical choice for parents looking for space saving solutions.

·       For the savvy spender – there are some significant savings to be made by choosing our Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1. With the four configurations eliminating the need to buy a separate crib, recliner, highchair and first chair, the Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 is the smart choice for any savvy saver.

Our Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 comes in a choice of two colours, Stone and White Snow, and a range of accessories including a cosy mattress and fitted sheets are also available.


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