Relaxation and Sleeptime

Closer than close….

Co-Sleeping? Yes, but there are a few rules to remember

Many studies confirm the benefits of sleeping with your baby. But co-sleeping must follow a number of key rules to ensure that nights with baby are calm and safe.

There are increasingly more parents who decide to sleep with their little ones at night, at least for the first few months, bringing their little one into mummy and daddy's bedroom.

Today, experts believe that this proximity is a positive thing, not only for mummy and daddy's peace of mind, but also for the well-being of little ones, enabling them to sync their biological rhythms with those of their parents.

Furthermore, the practice of sleeping with your baby, also known as co-sleeping,

helps to strengthen that special bond between baby and both mummy and daddy.

With a few simple tricks, it is possible, and indeed recommended, to sleep with your child, sharing sweet moments of intimacy and getting to know each other better, breath after breath, night after night.

Never in the big bed!

Especially in the first months of life, sleeping with your little one in bed with you, perhaps between mummy and daddy, is risky and not recommended - it can lead to squashing, accidental falls and even suffocation, particularly when it comes to newborns.

Choosing a crib that can be kept close to the bed, or which attaches to it, is a much better option: this enables closeness and is convenient for breastfeeding, whilst ensuring that everyone has their own space, and that baby is safe.

No smoking, no strong odours

If mummy and daddy smoke, co-sleeping is not recommended. Smoke remains in the breath but also in clothes, and prolonged proximity to little ones could be detrimental to their health.

It is also best to avoid overly scented lotions or creams for the body, as well as hairspray.

So, it's yes to co-sleeping - but only in safety and serenity.


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