Sleeping Close to Your Newborn

Why Sleep Close to Your Baby

Sleeping close to your little one is recommended by the experts; discover the tips for a peaceful, safe sleep.
In the first few days and weeks of life, mummy and daddy want to keep baby close at all times. During the night, this need becomes even more intense: mums above all need to feel their child next to them, and to nourish, take care of and watch over their little one. Similarly, a newborn baby is reassured by the presence and closeness of his or her mother and feels safe, as well as immediately having his or her needs met.

Co-sleeping: what is it?

The term "co-sleeping" consists of two words, sleeping and co (which means together). This term indicates the practice of baby and mother (or parents) staying close together, even during the night, especially early on in baby's life.
First of all, it is essential to make an important distinction: there are two types of co-sleeping, safe and unsafe. Sleeping together can have many advantages and benefits, but it is crucial to respect a fundamental rule: stay close, but with everyone in their own bed. It's fine to bring baby into the big bed for feeding and cuddles but afterwards he or she must always be put back in the crib. Sleeping in the same bed as mummy and daddy may not just be uncomfortable but also dangerous, and is strongly discouraged. For further information and explanations on the rules for safe sleep, read the tips for a peaceful night's sleep.

Taking the Correct Steps for Sleeping Beside Baby

So where should your newborn sleep in the first few months of life? As we have said, it is much better for baby to sleep in his or her crib, which can be placed next to the bed so that your little one can rest next to mum in complete serenity. For obvious safety reasons, improvised or do-it-yourself solutions are not recommended. It is much better to use a crib designed for co-sleeping - also referred to as a bedside crib - which has been developed and certified in order to allow baby to sleep close by whilst staying safe. For a truly tranquil sleep.

Sleeping Close to Parents: the benefits of co-sleeping

Today, experts maintain that sleeping next to your baby is a positive thing to do and may have numerous benefits, both for little ones and their parents. Below are some of the advantages of co-sleeping:

  • Helps baby establish a proper sleep-wake cycle;
  • Strengthens the mother-child relationship;
  • Calms and reassures parents and baby;
  • Makes caring for baby easier;
  • Facilitates feeding on demand;

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