Crib for newborns, tips for baby sleep

The ideal place for baby to sleep in the first few months of life

Sleeping in the crib: what are the benefits?

Sleep is a fundamental need for all of us, and particularly for children, allowing them to rest calmly

before facing a new day of growth and discovery with the right energy levels. Sleep is important, as is the environment in which baby rests, particularly in the first few months of life, when newborns spend the majority of their time asleep. In mummy’s tummy, space was certainly tight, but also enveloping and reassuring. The small size of the crib provides a welcoming space for the newborn, giving baby a sense of being safe and tightly snuggled, just like in the womb; as such, it is the ideal place for your little one to sleep in the first months of life.

Why choose a co-sleeping crib and what are the advantages?

Precisely because it takes up so little space, the crib can be positioned next to the parents' bed, bringing a sense of calm to both baby and mother, who can see and touch her little one at any time. Sleeping close to one another, which is also referred to as co-sleeping, makes everything easier and calmer, from night feeds to waking and cuddles. The next to me crib, which is placed next to the parents' bed, is ideal for providing baby with a dedicated space for rest which is perfectly suited to his or her needs, whilst allowing little one to feel mummy and daddy nearby.

A portable, easy-to-manoeuvre crib, for serene sleep even when travelling

The crib can also be easily moved around the house, so baby can be placed in other rooms during the day: this not only makes it easier for the mother to care for her little one, but also helps the newborn to make the distinction between day and night. In addition, the crib is transportable and compact, and is thus ideal for travel outside the home, on holiday or for a day at the grandparents'. In the crib, your little one can rest and relax, and the familiar environment will help to maintain a sense of calm when not at home. 

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