Relaxation and Sleeptime

Getting to know the world together

Babies have some of their first sensory experiences in their reclined cradle, close to mummy.


The reclined cradle is a very important ally for mums, as it enables baby to be kept close by even when doing housework. Being with mummy at all times, sitting in the reclined cradle, is also useful for baby.

Indeed, this approach allows little ones to be surrounded by the positive stimuli that come from the exchange of glances and smiles and from mummy's words. Babies respond to these stimuli with the first simple attempts to communicate.

Easy to transport

One of the major advantages of a reclined cradle is the fact that, as well as being safe and comfortable, it can easily be moved from one room to another, allowing you to keep your baby close starting from the first weeks after birth.

When to start using the reclined cradle

The reclined cradle can be used from the very first weeks of life. When fully reclined, baby is supported in the lying position, while special reducer cushions ensure safety and offer a sense of protection.

As little ones grow, the reclined cradle can be moved into the semi-seated position, offering the child a new perspective from which to observe the surrounding environment and supporting the rapid development of the senses that occurs in the few months of life.

So many stimuli, in a single chair

In order to further enhance these initial sensory experiences, the reclined cradle can be equipped with games and accessories suitable for every stage of growth. For the first few weeks, there are so many shapes and colours to watch and music and sounds to listen to, and after three to four months, when hand and arm movements start to become more coordinated, the accessories hanging from the bar are perfect for providing the first tactile experiences.

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