Next2Me FAQs

For any parent choosing to side-sleep with their little one, the Chicco Next2Me range offers a whole host of benefits. To answer any queries you might have, we’ve pulled together some of the most commonly asked questions about the Chicco Next2Me.


How can I use the Chicco Next2Me crib?

Every Chicco Next2Me crib can be used in a number of ways thanks to the different configurations.

In the side-sleeping mode, the Chicco Next2Me cribs can be attached to your bed using the straps provided. When securely attached, parents can lower the front panel to reach their little one during the night.

When moved away from the bed, the Chicco Next2Me cribs can be used as a stand-alone crib. In this configuration, the front panel should always be up and fully secured to ensure little one’s safety. As a stand alone crib, parents can decide whether they want to keep baby in their room, or move them into their own nursery.

Thanks to the handy storage bag, the Chicco Next2Me cribs can also be used as a travel crib, providing little one with a familiar and comforting sleep environment even when away. 


What age can the Chicco Next2Me crib be used until?

One of the benefits of the Chicco Next2Me cribs is that they are 50% larger than a standard Moses basket, meaning it can be used for a longer period. With all of the Chicco Next2Me cribs, we recommend using them from new-born up until 6 months (approx. 9 kg) or until little one is able to sit up, kneel or to pull themselves up unaided.


Does the Chicco Next2Me crib have a rocking function?

The Chicco Next2Me Dream and Chicco Next2Me Magic cribs both feature a rocking function, which can be used when it is in the stand-alone crib configuration. Before activating the rocking function, make sure the side panels are up and fully secured in place.


Can the Chicco Next2Me crib be tilted to aid with colic and reflux?

We know that colic and reflux are unpleasant for little ones and can often result in disturbed sleep. To help with this, all cribs in the Chicco Next2Me range can be inclined to help with congestion or reflux. The cribs also feature different height levels to ensure parents can find the most comfortable sleeping position for their little one, with their head placed on the raised end. Details of how to adjust your crib are in the instruction manual.


What accessories are available for the Chicco Next2Me cribs?

The First Dreams range of nightlights perfectly complement the Chicco Next2Me cribs. The First Dreams range includes a number of soft plush toys, such as First Dreams Baby Bear, that also feature nightlights and calming sounds that will help soothe your little one off to sleep. The Chicco Vibration Box is also compatible with the Chicco Next2Me cribs, providing little one with a comforting vibration to help them sleep.

Additionally, the Boppy Pillow is also a great accessory to keep nearby during the night, and will ensure that your baby is at the right height for your breast, helping them get a good latch and reduce discomfort for you while feeding.


Are the Chicco Next2Me cribs easy to move?

Yes, every crib in the Chicco Next2Me range is designed with swivelling wheels, making it easy to move the crib around into the desired location.


What size bed do the Chicco Next2Me cribs fit?

Every crib in the Chicco Next2Me range is height adjustable and can be adapted to suit most beds. Thanks to the folding feet, they can also be attached to divan beds.

The Chicco Next2Me Air and Chicco Next2Me Dream will fit your bed provided that the mattress is not lower than 49 cm from the ground or exceeding 64 cm.

The Chicco Next2Me Magic will fit your bed provided that the mattress is no lower than 51 cm from the ground or exceeding 66 cm.

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