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A crib to pamper your little one

Nap time for newborns: it's better in the crib


Nap time for newborns: it's better in the crib

In the first months of life, the crib is the ideal place for newborns to sleep.

In the very first months of life, babies spend much of their time asleep. For this reason, it is crucial to choose the right environment for sleeping, where your little one can feel safe and cared for.

The crib is the ideal place for this - its small size means that baby is fully enveloped, providing a comforting, safe feeling like being in mummy's tummy.

Next to mummy and daddy's bed

Precisely because it is compact, the crib can be positioned next to mummy and daddy's bed, calming not only baby but also mother, allowing her to feel her little one beside her at all times, and enabling her to provide cuddles and reassurance.

Sleeping close to baby makes everything simpler, too: night feeds, frequent waking, comforting, but also - and above all - cuddles.

Easy to transport

In addition, cribs are lightweight and easy to carry and transport.

This makes them perfect for moving around the home and for travelling, whether for a holiday or for a day with the grandparents. In the crib, your little one can rest and relax, and the familiar environment will help to maintain a sense of calm even when out and about.

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