How to organise a car journey with baby

Before leaving, it is important to take care of a few key organisational aspects that will enable you to handle a long car ride with your child in the best possible way.


To reach a holiday destination, or when visiting a relative who lives far away, you may need to take relatively long car journeys with your little one.

It is important to be as organised as possible, in order to transform the journey into a pleasant shared experience, and not something merely to be tolerated.

Fitting the car seat and the sunshade

Safety, of course, always comes first. Before setting off, it is important to make sure that baby's car seat is correctly installed, and the windows have been fitted with sunshades to protect your little one from the sun's rays.

Toys, books and entertainment

Particularly if the journey is long, it can help to have some toys or games to entertain baby. It's best to avoid cartoons on tablets or smartphones, in order to prevent the unpleasant consequences of car sickness. If either mummy or daddy isn't driving, he or she can read to baby or tell a fairytale, transforming the journey time into a time for sharing and communication.

Well-planned and compulsory stops

Before you leave, it is essential to plan stops to break your journey, taking a breath of fresh air and stretching out a little. However, it is best to avoid feeding your child heavy foods and carbonated drinks, especially if there is still a long way to go. As well as the planned stops, additional stops may become necessary too. If baby gets irritable and cries, you should never pick him or her up. If possible, try to calm little ones whilst ensuring that they remain securely fastened in the car seat, and wait for the first opportunity to stop safely. Once you get out of the car (always ensuring that you step onto the pavement side), you will be in a better position to interpret your child's needs, providing calming cuddles before getting back in the car.

Smart travel

Planning for smart travel is important, above all when travelling with a baby. When possible, it is best to avoid days during which traffic is likely to be heavy, as well as the hottest times of the day. It's a good idea to start off in the evening or during baby's nap time, enabling your little one to rest and recharge, conserving energy for the new adventures that lie ahead when you reach your destination. It is also best to avoid setting off just after your baby has woken up - this is the time when little ones want to play, not to spend a long time sitting in the car.


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