How to transport newborns in the car

When travelling with a newborn in the car, it is essential to follow a few crucial steps in order to ensure that each and every journey is calm and safe.


From the very first trip back home from the hospital, you will need to transport your newborn baby by car. It is therefore essential that you equip your own car with the most suitable devices for transporting baby, ensuring comfort and safety at every stage of growth.

Why choose a carrycot for transporting newborns

For infants, as an alternative to car seats, special safety carrycots are also available, which represent the most suitable car transport system for young children because they allow the infant to remain in the horizontal position.

Better lying down than semi-seated

In the first few weeks of life, babies - especially those who weigh little - still have a weak musculoskeletal structure, and are not able to control the position of their head. For this reason, a semi-seated position can lead to incorrect posture, and since infants are not able to support themselves, they "slump" in the car seat. This can hinder breathing, as well as leaving the head unsupported, and often excessively mobile. To avoid this, it is advisable to transport little ones in the car in a specially-designed carrycot, which keeps baby in the lying position.

How to install the carrycot for newborns

Carrycots for travelling with little ones in the car must be fitted transversely to the direction of travel, and must be secured with the appropriate type-approved installation kit, without which the carrycot cannot be used in the car. Children should be fastened into the carrycot via a waist seatbelt or special 3-point anchorage straps. One last important piece of advice for transporting little ones in the car: the air bag must be deactivated.

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