And we're off - safely!

There are four simple rules to follow when using and installing a car seat, in order to ensure safe, stress-free journeys.


As soon as you get into the car, the primary duty of every parent is to ensure the safety and protection of their child. As such, it is therefore indispensable to follow a few simple rules for using the seat properly, so you can enjoy stress-free journeys in total safety.


Not sometimes, but always!

Even when the journey is short, when it's hot outside, or when you're in a rush, it is essential to ensure that your baby is sitting safely in the car seat and is correctly strapped in.

No whim or urgency can be allowed to get in the way: safety must be guaranteed at all times, and in all situations. Not sometimes, but always.

Only choose type-approved car seats

When choosing the right car seat to suit each phase of your baby's growth, always check that the type-approval label is present. This is orange, and contains all the information and key features of the product.

The presence of this label is the first major guarantee of the quality of the product you are purchasing and to which you are entrusting the safety of your child.

New is better than used!

With regard to car seats, a used seat carries no guarantees.

Indeed, second-hand seats may have been previously damaged, or may have invisible wear that could compromise safety standards.

The use of car seats that have been involved in an accident is strongly discouraged.

Facing away from the direction of travel

At least until the fifteenth month of life, it is important to transport babies with the car seat facing in the opposite direction to travel.

This will prevent the child being subjected to potential and unnecessary risk of injury or trauma to the head and neck, as these are properly supported and the forces that are generated in case of impact are distributed over a larger surface area.

Accordingly, car seats must always be used in a correct, secure manner, following these simple rules. This advice should also be followed by grandparents and relatives who travel with baby, even if only occasionally, or on short journeys. 

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