Children’s birthday party, ideas for the celebration

From the games to the buffet, and from the cake to the entertainment: find out how to organise a memorable birthday party for your little one.

Children Birthday Party

Children's birthday parties

Soon it will be your little one's birthday, and you want it to be an unforgettable experience with friends and classmates. But how should you prepare and where should you hold the party? Do you need a children's entertainer? And as for the cake - is it better to bake one at home, or buy one from a bakery? These are all legitimate questions, but there's no need to worry: with a touch of creativity, your party will be truly memorable for your little one.

Looking for the best venue

You don't need a particularly large space for your party to be a success, and it doesn't necessarily need to be original either. The home is usually the best place, and is often preferable to an unknown venue. Your little one will be happy to celebrate in the living room or bedroom of his or her house. Weather permitting, the garden or park are also ideal for active games. Once you have chosen the location for your party, get your child involved in making the invitations.

And what about the games - with or without a children's entertainer?

For younger children, play is a spontaneous, natural activity. Generally speaking, all you need is a simple activity to do together to warm up the atmosphere, and there's not necessarily any need for a professional children's entertainer. To entertain and amuse your young guests, have a think in advance about some games that are suitable for their age - for example, an obstacle course with a prize at the end, a game of Snakes and Ladders played in teams, or a race to build the tallest paper tower or wireless telephone. The main thing is to keep an eye on their energy levels.

The birthday buffet

When organising a children’s birthday party, it is also important to think about how to set the table, and what kind of decorations to use. Balloons, garlands and coloured napkins are enough to make the room feel cheerful and welcoming. Cover the table in mini filled sandwiches, mini cakes and pastries, chocolate fruit skewers and juices. Check that none of the children invited have food allergies or intolerances, and if so, prepare something tasty for them too. Finally, the birthday cake: whether you bake it yourself or order it from a bakery, the cake should only be brought out at the end of the party with the candles lit, ready to be blown out in a single breath!

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