Advice for your baby's first steps

Suggestions from the experts to guide your little one through this important growth phase.

Baby's first steps toy

The first steps: a fundamental moment in your baby's development

 Seeing a baby take their first steps is always exciting for mummy and daddy. Taking those first steps is an important part of growth: walking is a milestone that is reached after a natural journey of growth. Let's see how babies can be encouraged to achieve this new feat.

 How to help a baby take their first steps

Rule number one for helping a baby take their first steps is to not force them; on the other hand, they should be encouraged and praised for the results obtained. Still we can use some ‘tricks’ to prompt them, exploiting their curiosity and eagerness to be autonomous and explore the world, which begins at about 10-11 months.

Here are some suggestions for their first steps:

  • We can place toys on the edge of a small table, easily within the baby's reach (the bed, the living room table), to get them to stand and motivate them to take a few steps sideways to grab the toys

  • We can hold out our finger to help them maintain their balance if they stop

  • Without shoes: when you're at home you can leave them barefoot, this will improve their sense of balance, contact with the floor and perception of their surroundings

  • Once they've gained a little strength, have them sit on your legs and encourage them to hold your hands and pull themselves up to a standing position

  • To help strengthen their legs, you can move them around in a bicycle-like motion or use a little car or a bike without pedals (link) on which they can sit to push themselves around

 Choosing toys for those first steps

Finally, at this point we can even offer them a walker or other first step toys with little wheels that they can lean against as they move around, for example First Steps with musical tunes to encourage them to walk or Lello il Carrello Chicco trolley, both of which were designed to offer safe and entertaining encouragement for little ones.

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