Toys to stimulate movement

Getting used to moving regularly from a very early age is fundamental for the future health of our children


Say no to sedentary lifestyles, particularly in children

All too often, children lead a sedentary lifestyle: they are not given the opportunity to play freely, to move, or to run, and this can impact the development of their motor skills, among other things. It is widely acknowledged that experimenting, falling and getting up again are healthy activities that promote the advancement of a child's motor skills, refining balance and coordination and contributing to personal safety and self-esteem.

Yes to games that promote motor skills

As such, we should encourage all attempts to move and try out new motor skills - the development of the child, with particular reference to motor skills, is strongly influenced by stimuli and solicitations from the environment. For this reason, it is beneficial to provide our children with toys that encourage them to experiment with their motor skills, stimulating them to try out new movements and develop new abilities.

We all move together!

And above all, we must get involved in our children's games - these represent a wonderful opportunity to take part in physical activity together, sharing enjoyable experiences, communicating with our little ones, and building our relationship with them.

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