Quality: Our idea of excellence 

Quality and safety are the commitment and promise for which we work with the utmost dedication every day.  We strive not only to meet but even exceed the most stringent standards in the design, development and production phases, and offer constant after sales support.  We promote and actively participate in the development of future quality and safety regulatory standards, encouraging responsible innovation. 


The certainty of knowing you are safe 

Continuous attention to quality is at the heart of our work 

We employ the latest methods and tools to design and test the safety of our products.  Our Crash Test laboratory, for example, is specialised in the safety of car seats for children.  It is equipped with the finest and most advanced technologies ensuring perfection down to the smallest detail.

The art of knowing how to listen 

An open and transparent dialogue 

The feedback we receive is a valuable source for offering better and better solutions that live up to the expectations of parents today and in the future.  This is why we have an open and transparent communication channel of dialogue with you.

Even when there are concerns about the safety of products already on the market, responsiveness and transparency remain the basis of the relationship with our customers.