Preparing for the arrival of twins

How to get organised when you're expecting twins

Twin birth

The birth of twins: a deluge of emotions and a few questions

The first trimester ultrasound came with a surprise: two heartbeats, two babies on the way. Twice the happiness for future parents, but also a little bit of anxiety, and lots of questions regarding the pregnancy, the birth, and above all, how to manage day to day in the first few months after the little ones arrive. From a physiological perspective, twin pregnancies are considered to be higher risk, and as such, call for extra care and attention, particularly during the third trimester.

Twin pregnancy: some advice

Rest is crucial: women carrying twins must make sure they don't get too tired, and must take even greater care to avoid stress, as they are more at risk of going into labour prematurely. Generally speaking, multiple foetuses result in a shorter pregnancy, and for twins this tends to last around 36-37 weeks. The option of allowing spontaneous delivery instead of a caesarian is assessed at the end of the pregnancy, on the basis of the mother's health and well-being, foetal growth and the position of the babies in the womb.

Organisation is key

As is the case when only expecting one baby, getting ready for the arrival of twins in plenty of time prevents unnecessary stress, particularly in the first year of life. Getting the house in order is the first task to be tackled: two easily accessible cribs in the bedroom, a well-equipped changing table with cleaning products, nappies and changes of clothes, a double tub for the bath (or two seats with suction cups), and a double high chair in the kitchen. Not to mention plenty of sterilised soothers and lots and lots of babygros ready for changing time. It's also a good idea to pack your bag for the birth, so you're not taken by surprise.

For getting out and about, a twin pram is essential

To get out of the house with two babies, you need the right kit, starting with a twin pram for the first weeks of life, before graduating to a pushchair as your little ones grow – more practical and easier to handle. There are a range of models on the market to meet all requirements. With regard to pushchairs in particular, you can choose from models with side-by-side seats, with seats in front of one another, or with fixed or removable seats, in classic or more sporty styles. How to choose? It's essential to take your personal needs into consideration, beginning with where you live – whether or not your apartment has a lift, for example – and your lifestyle.

Expecting twins is a special experience, full of emotion. Getting ready in plenty of time will enable you to approach the imminent arrival calmly, so you can enjoy this amazing adventure to the full. Follow the tips and advice from the Chicco Baby Research Center to prepare for this incredibly important stage in your life.

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